LED Screens Engineers and Technicians Training Class


LED Screen Engineering Training Program

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Course description

Topics to include:

  • Intro to all Novastar products
  • Understanding video standards and delivery formats
  • Instructor lead exposure
  • Hands-on Exposure
  • Instructor lead scenarios
  • Hands-on practice and scenarios
  • Pixel Mapping LED screens
  • Media servers and interfacing with LED screens
  • Routing and mapping content to screens
  • Practical Exam
  • Free time with Controller after the student has passed exam

Available Date

Dec 27-29 -2022

January 23-26 2023

Feb 9th -12 2023

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Target audience

AV professionals, LED Techs, pre-sales engineers, and anyone who will have to operate and basically understand the LED screen system to set it up.


Students will engage in hands-on activities in order to enhance their understanding. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up and operate the LED Screen Processors in most common set-ups, and most importantly understand signal flows to make troubleshooting easier.


Chino Hills, California.

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