Firmware Downloads

firmware V1.2.5.0

firmware V1.0.4.0

firmware V1.4.2.0

firmware V1.7.7.0

firmware V4.7.6

firmware V1.0.3.0

firmware V1.0.B4

firmware V3.7.0.0501

Software Downloads

Software V4.5.3 Beta1

Software V2.13.0

Software V3.6.0

Software V3.9.0

RDL Assit is software designed to control content on the LED sign and billboard. It can create playlist of media content to be displayed on LED board and publish to the sign for you audiance

RDL Programmer is software designed to program and control full color LED billboards and Signs installed for business or Advertisement boards. It can be used with PDS100 / PDS100 wifi & Pbox100 media players

LCT-Mars series of software is designed to control and program the LED video walls for Rental and Permannt install media walls.  it can be used with NovaPro HD /VX4S /MCTRL 660 / MCTRL 600  & MCTRL 300 series processors

Pixel Perfect is Pixel mapping software for Mac computers designed to help LED screen suppliers to create and share pixel maps with clients/ VJs/ creative content creators and production compnies

NOVASTAR Mars Series Video Tutorials

NOVASTAR PSD100 Wifi Video Tutorials