Tired of making errors in pixel mapping, miscalculating power consumption, or making mistakes in drawing data diagrams?

Pixel Perfect LED is the optimal solution making pixel mapping easier than any other program in the market. Our LED software is directly responsible for mapping thousands of shows worldwide, big or small, and has the most user-friendly interface with many exciting features.


Key Features:

  • Draw LED screen templates with pixel-by-pixel accuracy

  • Draw data paths for screens with 100% accuracy

  • Calculate power consumption for each LED screen and all LED screens cumulatively per raster

  • Customizable raster size, panel colors, panel numbers, and option to include personal logo

  • Draw complex screen designs with a panel removal feature

  • Export PNG files to work with any media servers

  • Export PSD files to work with Adobe Photoshop

  • Export RDL Project files to edit pixel maps

  • Custom presets provided for various LED Screens


… And much more! Check out our tutorial video for more features.



Pixel Perfect LED Lite Live 

Free Pixel Perfect LED Lite – Best used on Google Chrome!

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Pixel Perfect LED Lite App 

Free Pixel Perfect LED Lite for Windows PC.

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