we have been using 4.2.6 Software for long time as it was very stable and almost flawless. after many tries, we have another newer software which supports lot more Driver IC chips as well as new interface and new menus. But the few major thing we love about new software is its ability to scaling is easier than ever from software now under Video Control interface and ability to take in 1920x1080i signal and actually get to use 1080 pixels vertically as in former firmware this was only seen as 540 pixels so when you tried  programming screen with 1080i  input signal it will only map 540 pixels and not 1080 of the full height.  this new firmware and software is custom solution for us and not for the LED market, however if you wish to test it on your own Please let us know and we can send you  the firmware and the software.

in the new software now there is also way tot adjust saturation / Hue/ tone of picture on LED Display which you didn’t have before. another new feature is all the parameters from software now get updated almost instantly on front panel for brightness and many other setting as well as