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Here at Red Dot Logics, we have been working hard to bring you a new major update to our Pixel Perfect LED software for Mac!

  • Easily duplicate a layer with one tap, by clicking on the new “Duplicate” button or by using our shortcut, “Command +D on your keyboard.
  • Customizing the shapes of your screens has never been easier! Once you have configures the basic parameters of your screen, simply double-click on each individual cabinet to remove it from your drawing. If for whatever reason you remove a cabinet by accident, don’t worry, just click on the empty space to bring the cabinet back.
  •  We also added the auto information update, so when you input options it will show the results right away such as, power 110v to 208v, or 1 phase to 3 phase, or XY coordinate of the Top / Bottom only or for all!
  • We have improved the response time of Pixel Perfect LED to enhance calculations and drawings.
  • We have significantly improved the Graphic User Interface to color code each section to make it look elegant and seamless, as well as adding functionality for the ease of use.
  • Our “Preset window now includes a wider array of common LED screens being used in the industry. Also, a separate and moveable window will open next to the Layers for optimal user convenience.
  • We have added a Quick Start Guide link to the Help menu to quickly explain the functionality. We even added a Keyboard Shortcut list to help all advanced users optimize their experience.
  • To upgrade the Pixel Perfect LED software, merely download the trial version from our website and replace the app in your application folder.
  • Be sure to look out for our tutorial video that we will be releasing soon!!